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Mahatma Gandhi

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2021. 01. 11.

Giuseppe, of Italian descent, has been living in Hungary for two decades now. What might be a waste to someone else is a real treasure for him. His creations are a combination of different materials: from painting on wood panels, to carving stone, to creating sculptures from scrap metal, his palette is quite wide.

Giuseppe especially enjoys working with tree roots found in nature. Every form and material moves his imagination, and he is happy to experiment with new methods. He is most likely to find inspiration at the ironworks or among the materials that others consider redundant, thus further utilizing an old, used object or piece of metal, wood or glass waste material that he finds interesting. The themes of the works often depict people, animals, feelings and life situations. Thanks to their creativity, these objects, now taking on a new function and form, return in a captivating way to our environment.


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