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„Asszonyhegy” nature trail
2017. 04. 07.

Creation of the „Asszonyhegy” nature trail in Kisvárda In 2016 an educational and demonstration area has been created. Herb-, shrub-, tree-planting activities and landscape reconstruction works have been carried out on the abandoned land. We did all this considering the environmental and nature conservation aspects.

We have placed furniture made out of recycled tires in the area, which gives us the opportunity to conduct outdoor training programs for students of primary and secondary school in Kisvárda and its surroundings (in co-operation with the institutions).

Later we created eco-social premises, buildings for the placement of native Hungarian animal species. We also managed to encircle the affected area with a wild net. Additional herbaceous and woody plant communities were created, contributing to our landscape reconstruction plans. We also breed native animal species on our area (racka sheep, Hungarian giant rabbit and various poultries).

Animals and plants primarily serve educational and demonstration purposes and help us organize live biology lessons in collaboration with churches, governmental, educational, and civil organizations.

We have created a non-licensed building with excellent thermal insulation properties. It was mainly made of agricultural by-products, demonstrating that it is possible to build relatively cheaply and environmentally conscious. In order to provide continuous and predictable water supply to animals and plants, we had to dig and drill a well. In addition, optimal amount of bird houses, bird feeders and insect houses were placed in the area.

The project was supported by Szerencsejáték Service Nonprofit Kft.


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