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Bird protection project
2017. 04. 12.

In 2016, our Bird Protection project has begun, and in 2016 and 2017 we gave birdhouses to 11 schools in Kisvárda and its surroundings. The nesting boxes were placed together with the students, drawing attention to the importance of bird protection.

Some of our birds are hole and burrow nesting species, which means they nest in the naturally formed trunk and branches of old trees. Nowadays, there is a growing nature conservation problem in settlements and agricultural areas. The number of trees – that thick enough to be used for nesting – are low or constantly decreasing or may have disappeared completely.

That is the reason we want to offset this negative effect by placing artificial burrows.

The birdhouses were made by our member, Tamas Miskolczi. Most of the them donated to the schools are type B, which for birds that have medium fly, therefore they are suitable for the great tit, the sparrow and the nuthatch. We also gave type C and D bird boxes as well. The type C is more open so it’s perfect for wrens, robins and wagtails. The type D is similar to type B but larger in size, so they can be suitable for hoopoes, tawny owls or even starlings.

Schools, that are participating in the project:

  • Bessenyei György High School, Kisvárda;
  • Szent László Katolikus High School, Primary School and Preschool, Kisvárda;
  • Református Preschool, Primary School and High School, Kisvárda;
  • II. Rákóczi Ferenc Secondary School, Kisvárda;
  • Szent György Görögkatolikus Preschool and Primary School, Kisvárda;
  • Teichmann Vilmos Primary School, Kisvárda;
  • Somogyi Rezső Primary School, Kisvárda;
  • Vári Emil Társulási Primary School, Kisvárda;
  • Palásti László Primary School and Preschool, Magy;
  • Kossuth Lajos Primary School, Fényeslitke;
  • Ölbey Irén Primary School, Döge.

In addition to the schools, we have also placed nesting boxes in the public areas and parks of Kisvárda, such as at the local Castle-lake what we maintain as protected nature area.


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