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Mahatma Gandhi

„Get to Know the World!” program series
2018. 01. 03.

Many members of our Association have spent longer or shorter periods in many countries in Africa – volunteering, doing research, or coordinating missions and projects.

Our Association is in strategic co-operation with the Jacaranda Foundation.  The Foundation operates primary and secondary school for orphans in Malawi. They have more than 400 students. 98% of the children in the school are orphaned by aids, and they have a number of children in the school who are living with aids. The Foundation provide education, nutrition and health care. All for free. The founder of the school, Marie Da Silva is one of the most known names in Malawi for charitable work. She is also internationally acknowledged, especially since she has won the CNN Hero awards back in 2008.

We have already provided support to the school. For example in 2015 we sent a book donation (about 3000 English books) to the libraries of the school. The school itself has 2 libraries (one for primary and another for the secondary students) plus the director of the school has been opening libraries in the rural communities. In 2016 we have started a tree-planting project together with the school.

Our guest of honor was Cecilia Khofi, Malawi's Beauty Queen. Our event was accompanied by a series of presentations by Miss Malawi. She talked about the culture of her country - with particular emphasis on education and the daily lives of young people in Malawi. During the presentations and the exhibition we try to answer the questions that concern the Hungarian people in relation to developing countries.

Regular visits to the school, and the ongoing relationship with the "Jacaranda Orphans," sparked the idea of the current exhibition, which will introduce the everyday life of Malawi from the perspective of the pupils.


Africa exhibition of photos of Jacaranda pupils

Our fellow member, Ilona Asztalos, taught basic photography at the Jacaranda School in the fall of 2017. As part of the program, our Association donated cameras to the Foundation to help our missionary member teach the orphan children at the school.The exhibition presents the everyday life and culture of the Malawi people. Our goal is to have a broader perspective on the culture of distant countries.

Four of the 24 photos on the exhibition were taken by Ilona and the other twenty were taken by the children.

The 11 pupils whose photos were exhibited:

  • Chikumbutso Mbewe
  • Christopher Chabwe
  • Collinz Kam’mwamba
  • Daniel July
  • Enoch Chilombo
  • Innocent Phiri
  • Kizito Katambo
  • Labana Swadick
  • Laston Sungani
  • Mwayi Jande
  • Pemphero Chiwaya

The exhibition will be taken to several high schools and galleries in the country and abroad.


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