Traditional Village Day
The traditional Village Day was carried out the 5th time in Géberjén. Our Association also participated on the event. During the cooking program we cooked oyster mushroom stew with noodles. We had a great time, which was made even more colorful by other programs and concerts.
Lesz Festival 2019
Our Assication was organizing the Planetrise Civil Square on the LeszFeszt music festival in 2019 as well. Again, many NGOs and other organizations were represented who brought various programs.
Visit of a hospital in Malawi
Our association in Malawi also visited a state-owned hospital in the capital, Lilongwe’s 25th district, that is operated by the American Baylor Foundation.
Announcement by our member, Ilona Asztalos on World Refugee...
"No one puts their children in a boat unless the water is safer than the land" - Warsan Shire, Somali-British poet
Bamboo as a possible alternative
Thanks to Rizwan Omar we could visit Africa's largest bamboo plantation, the Lisoka bamboo farm. Grant Blumrick, a South African entrepreneur, introduced us to the current state of bamboo production in Africa and the possible economic opportunities.
Peter’s and Csaba’s riport from Malawi
„In the last couple of days we distributed food, which was donated by the Food Angles Hungary. We gave more than 600 kg cornflour to more than 100 children in need in three orphanage in Blantyre. Mr. Kamesh Kallepalli, who is an Indian descent local entrepreneur also helped in the project.
Dr. Peter Gergo Juhasz’s riport from Kenya
“Our little delegation has arrived in Nairobi. I travel along with Agnes Szazvai, who present Kisvarda in Africa, and Istvan Bankus, entrepreneur from Nyiregyhaza.
XIX. AHU medical mission in Malawi
There is an AHU medical mission again in #Malawi with the coordination of our member, Csaba Szeremley. This time, two ENT specialists went to do surgeries, Dr. Róbert Késmárszky from Budapest and Dr. István Bartku from Nyíregyháza.