"Be the change that you wish to see in the world!"

Mahatma Gandhi

"Meeting of Worlds"
2019. 01. 10.

Our "Meeting of Worlds" project is an intercontinental network aimed at exploring global issues, their causes and find alternative solutions to these problems, involving competent professionals, political, economic, religious and non-governmental participants.

Goals of the “Meeting of Worlds”

  1. Making contacts with individuals, organizations, companies and institutions who want to actively participate in the exploring of global issues in considerations of their global aspects. It is particularly important to approach the issues with as many aspects as possible, considering the views of all parties involved
  2. After exploring the problems, starting dialogues about the solution for the explored problems. Keeping continuous communication between the stakeholders. Creating separated groups for each of the problems. Representing the point of views and interests of several stakeholders in each group is very important.
  3. After making proposals we compare the various point of views of each group, thereby revealing the contradictions, conflicts of interests and cooperation opportunities.

Possible outcomes of negotiations and comparisons:

  • common understanding, agreement
  • compromise
  • "confrontation" (to avoid confrontation is the goal in any case, but if it is unavoidable, the least loss-making solution must be chosen)
  1. Creating sample projects for working out viable alternatives as an answer of global issues. Testing new models in these projects, considering the local values and interests.
  2. Using the experiences gained from running the sample projects – after the necessary corrections – making suggestions for new technologies and systems in a broader scope, constantly taking into account the involvement and vulnerability of local social, cultural, economic and natural values.


Keeping the public informed about the results achieved (contacting, exploring problems, conflicts, resolving conflicts, suggestions, demonstration of sample projects and gained experiences, providing information on new technologies and systematic alternatives).


Methods of informing:

  • online platforms:
    • social media
    • websites
    • advertisements
    • video-sharing websites
    • newsletters
  • in printed form:
    • books, publications
    • articles
    • leaflets, brochures
  • TV, radio,
  • awareness raising films:
    • documentaries
    • short films
    • movies
    • promotion films
  • other art forms:
    • theatrical productions
    • exhibitions
    • creating works of art about the main topic (poems, music, songs, fine arts, photographs, buildings, cultural monument)
  • professional and scientific presentations,
  • appearances at festivals, balls, and other events,
  • awareness raising with the involving of religious leaders in preaching and teachings at churches and other religious institutions,
  • on the platforms of the local government and state with the participation of political leaders,
  • modern PR tools (involving media personalities, stars, public figures).


Our organization activities to solve global problems

  • research work about food security in Malawi;  
  • preserving clean water in Botswana;
  • continuous cooperation with universities and research institute;
  • developing organic methods of soil power supply;
  • activities and programs for strengthening relationships between Hungary and the Far East;
  • working out income generating projects connecting recycling - in Malawi and the United Kingdom;
  • establish a pig farm in Democratic Republic of the Congo; other agricultural activities in the region; 
  • coordinating income generating projects, educational and researching activities in India;
  • income generating carpentry-projects in Gambia;
  • launching organic farming programs in Kisvarda, Hungary;
  • produce attitude-shaping films about Zimbabwe, Malawi, Iran, Mozambique for European people; 
  • organizing cross-border cultural programs;
  • organizing preparation trainings for international development work in the United Kingdom and different African countries;
  • produce attitude-shaping broadcasts in the local radio of Kisvarda;
  • HIV prevention and awareness raising projects in Namibia and Botswana;
  • sending volunteers to the developing countries and Hungarian local programs;
  • teaching basic photography skills to orphans in Malawi; organizing exhibitions of photos taken by the orphans in Hungary („Get to know the world!” events);
  • voluntary help-children program in a Greek refugee camp;
  • charitable cooperation with Rotary Club in Hungary and Malawi;
  • bird protection projects. producing nest boxes for schools and municipal governments; placing and continuous maintenancing of the boxes; 
  • production of interactive attitude-shaping educational tools;
  • cross-border support for Hungarian organizations;
  • continuous environmental and nature protection expert activities;
  • building nature trails to showing the wildlife of the area.


Offers to our potential partners

In addition to motivation, our Association needs other resources to achieve its goals. Over the past decades we have been able to gain extensive global connections in diplomatic, economic, religious and civil sectors. We maintain good relations with local and national media as well. Due to these resources we can offer the followings to our cooperating partners, supporters and sponsors:

  • providing our relations under certain conditions,
  • appearance on various media and advertising platforms we can access,
  • free information about the capability of the regions we know,
  • free participation for our top sponsors– and accommodation if needed – on the account given of the implementation of our projects.


* The Planetrise Association for Culture and Environmental Protection is a public benefit organization.

* You can find information about support and sponsorship in the relevant legislations and regulations.



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