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Our member Csaba's report from the University of Stratford, Nairobi, Kenya
2022. 02. 04.

I arrived on Tuesday morning at 10:20 with my local leader, Nasir Abdul Dahim, at the iLabAfrica, a Research and Innovation Centre at Strathmore University.

Hereby is the report of Csaba Szeremley, PhD student at the Doctoral School of Security Sciences, on his visit to the Stratford University in Nairobi, Kenya:
“I arrived on Tuesday morning at 10:20 with my local leader, Nasir Abdul Dahim, at the iLabAfrica, a Research and Innovation Centre at Strathmore University. Originally, I would have come together with my supervisor, dr. Péter Gergő Juhász but he was prevented from traveling by the covid infection.
When I arrived, Mr Richárd Farkas, the new Deputy of the Hungarian Embassy, had just finished his meeting with Dr Joseph Sevilla and his team. We exchanged some quick words with Mr Farkas before he departed. This was followed by a roundtable discussion with Dr Sevilla and his co-workers where everyone introduced themselves and they all told me what their field of work was. Later, Dr. Sevilla talked about the Centre, which is a separate IT and security sciences unit within the university. In addition to training students, the Institute provides corporate business consulting and software development, and coordinates several government projects (such as the development and operation of data collection software and systems related to Covid, rural data collection and health projects). One of their very successful projects is a startup “Pitch Friday”. Anyone with an interesting business idea/innovation can come and pitch their idea to a closed audience of business mentors, entrepreneurs & investors. funded by the local bank run by iBizAfrica.
The Institute is working together with several foreign universities (eg Norwegian, German, English institutions). Recently, contact has been made with the University of Óbuda, based on which there are serious prospects for further cooperation. I had also introduced myself, highlighting the Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences and the Africa Research Institute. I mentioned that we look for university partners who are open to conducting joint research and projects, and the University can also provide scholarship training opportunities for foreign students both in PhD as well as master's courses. I also introduced the Humanities Response Manager course of the University.”
The Kenyaen Program of Csaba is supported by Planetrise Assotiation for Culture and Environmental Protection and The University of Óbuda, Doctoral School on Safety and Security Sciences, The Africa Research Institute.

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