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Our tree-planting project in Malawi
2017. 04. 10.

In 2016 we have started a tree-planting project within the framework of the co-operation between our Association and the Jacaranda Foundation in Malawi.

The excessive logging has been causing more and more problems throughout Malawi especially in the southern region. The city of Blantyre is surrounded by three mountains which are almost completely bald. It is sad not just because of the sight, but the soil has been washing off because of the lack of the vegetation. Besides, when there are floods due to excessive rains, the houses of the local population are also destroyed.

The members of our Association feel important this process to be stopped. On the first acton we planted 400 trees with the 400 students of the Jacaranda School in 2016. September and October. We have been partners with the Jacaranda School for years where 400 orphans study in primary and secondary school. Due to that we had this idea for all children to have a tree of its own. All indigenous saplings were provided from the local market by the agricultural teacher of the school. The only exception was the symbol of the school, the Jacaranda tree. Seven of them were ceremoniously planted between the fence of the school and the main road. After the large group marched to the kindergarten of the Jacaranda Foundation, which is now under construction. Another 40 trees were planted there. The rest of the 300+ trees are being constantly planted in the next days by the students in the school grounds.

Further tree planting actions were carried out in 2017 and 2018, and we are trying to involve Hungarian doctors every time they are on a medical mission in Malawi.

We continue the project every time one of our members is in Malawi.


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