Member of our Association is coordinating the Hungarian medical mission again, in Malawi!

Hungarian doctors travelled to Malawi within the framewo…

Hungarian doctors travelled to Malawi within the framework of the African Hungarian Union’s medical mission for the 18th time.  The mission is coordinating by our member, Csaba Szeremley. This time 4 neurosurgeons and 1 anesthetist went to one of the poorest countries of Africa to perform surgeries for two weeks. There is only one neurosurgeon in Malawi.

Besides coordinating and catering, Csaba takes photos and makes small films, as well as taking the doctors in the country’s most beautiful places during their day off.  


The members of the mission are Dr. László Szegedi, Dr. Gábor Nagy, Dr. Attila Bagó, Dr. Dávid Nagy, valamint Dr. József Kelemen and two 2 volunteers, Adrienn Kamarás and Hubert Hlatky-Schlichter from the Helping Angels Foundation. They cooked goulash soup with Csaba for 408 pupils on the Hungarian Day in the Jacaranda School for Orphans. Furthermore, Adrienn made 500 coconut balls with the children.